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When dealing with securities fraud that results in a client’s loss of investment, it may be necessary to take the case to court in order to seek recovery of the funds invested. At the Law Office of Edwin B. Kagan, P.A, our firm is committed to standing up for the rights of clients who have been defrauded and taken advantage of by insurance agents, real estate promoters, companies or other parties responsible for our clients’ investment losses.

Attorney Edwin B. Kagan is a skilled lawyer and litigator who has years of experience handling securities cases in court. His familiarity with the state and federal securities laws, along with his knowledge of the state and federal court processes, allows him to provide comprehensive and tailored representation to our firm’s clients. We take securities disputes very seriously, as many of our firm’s clients are the victims of elderly exploitation and financial elder abuse.

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Ponzi Schemes

Unfortunately, there have been an increasing number of instances where individuals have been defrauded and lost money due to Ponzi schemes. Our firm is aggressive in the pursuit of these types of cases. We do not shy away from taking the parties who perpetrated these schemes to court and ensuring that they are held responsible for their fraudulent conduct.

Securities Arbitration and Securities Disputes

Some securities disputes do not go to court. Disputes between customers and stockbrokers or between stockbrokers and their employers, are filed and settled or adjudicated in arbitration, Customers are required to arbitrate claims due to a clause in brokerage firm contracts that are signed when a brokerage account is opened. We are experienced at handling cases in arbitration and can take the time to explain the process to our clients.

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